THE EDIBLE FOREST C.I.C. has 9 Directors focusing on different aspects of the project. We would be keen to take on a few more key people (Market Gardening & Sales).


Building Surveyor (DipSP) (PGDipCHE)
Historic Building Advisor
Land Surveyor / Engineer


Interests - Zero Waste Ecovillage Development, Edible Forest Gardening, Market Gardening, Eco-building, Historic Buildings.

Project Founder & Managing Director

Wade William Heames MIQ


Checkout Huw Richards Nursery on Youtube.
Studied Human Geology.

Director of all food growing activities

Huw Richards


Father of Tiberius 2 and Cameron 16 with my partner Katie.

Director of 6 companies with shares in 20 small businesses.

Over 20 years experience in concrete, linings and coatings. Repair and refurbishment of road tunnels globally including over 20 countries. Some large local ones include Dublin Port Tunnels which at the time was the largest civil engineering contract in Europe. A3 Hindhead bypass tunnels which were the largest road tunnels in the UK at the time. Almost all major road tunnels in the UK.

In the last 10 years moved into domestic construction and now own companies in all sectors. Building, glazing, scaffolding, heating and engineering. 

Now a small southwest developer with £2 million portfolio of sub 6 unit developments currently in works not including a further £1 million pre-repossession direct for bank asset completion projects ongoing. Specialising in bespoke steel structures cut and weld on site, piling, rafts and all other footings.

With a current team standing at 23 people ready for work.

Director of all building works

David Carpenter


Forest School Teacher

Director of The Forest School

Daren Lewis


After leavng the Army I was stuck for a job and tried my luck
(badly) at teaching. I quickly developed a name in sales and
bid writing securing large tenders and selling the courses to
local employers.

I’m now a Business and Compliance
Manager for a sales team. I’ve studied on the job and have
kept my bid writing skills up to date supporting local charities
and organisations including a food bank, a homeless outreach
and a litter picking group win small to medium grants.

I’m looking forward to securing some niche grants for the
project to get the forest and market garden off the ground,
along with supporting with the overall management plan
leading to the initial success with the local council.

Finance Director

Tom Skipworth



Director of The Edible Forest

Simon Masters


Market Gardening Team


In 2016 I graduated from the University of East Anglia with a BSc in Environmental Science. Since my teenage years I have wanted to live off-grid in a self-built eco-house and become self sufficient. Preparing for this I have been developing basic carpentry and food growing skills. I met Lucy McKinlay whilst studying and I feel incredibly lucky to have fallen in love with someone who shares my ambitions and passions. One of which is music and together we formed a folk music duo called 'The Rabbitts'. I find this project incredibly exciting and I can't wait to get stuck in and meet all my lovely neighbours.


Odhran Linsey



Media Director

Lucy May McKinlay


Edible Forest Team

Studied Human Geology


Interests - Reforesting agricultural land.

Director of The Edible Forest

Rosie Maunder


Edible Forest Team

Experienced Forest Gardener (20 years) - The Naturally Vegan Plot


Interests - Forest Gardening

Director of The Edible Forest

Elaine Webb

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