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Our Mission

We will be creating the World's Largest Edible Forest in South Wales (UK). In effect a 'natural museum' creating local jobs focusing on re-forestation, the promotion of recycling and sustainable land management and creating a learning link to young people. This will also become a World known site & providing additional protection to Welsh Heritage.

What is an 'Edible' Forest?

This will be just like the structure of a usual forest. Many acres of land made up of big trees, smaller trees, shrubs and smaller plants. The only difference is that this forest will be designed to include only edible plants that have or produce some sort of food value. 


What will we be growing?

We will be growing over 80 types of extremely rare Welsh Apple Tree varieties and many other rare Welsh plants. A variety of nuts & fruits suitable for the location (walnuts, hazelnuts, mulberries, apples, pears, apricots, plumbs, gooseberries, currants, raspberries, grape vines... & many more). We plan to appeal to the public to help us identify other rare Welsh food plants to protect.


The Project Benefits

  1. The reforestation will protect wildlife habitats, improve biodiversity and support the natural world

  2. Reforestation provides flood defences to local areas.

  3. It will also provide protection from pollution. 

  4. The project will help build stronger communities.

  5. Preserving heritage & culture. Historic varieties of Welsh fruit trees & other food plants (a 'natural museum')

  6. It will make an environmental difference for all people around the World (becoming an example for others to replicate).

  7. We will provide educational learning and social involvement for local schools & people which will excite and inspire mainly children and young people to get involved in nature and taking action to make a difference.

  8. There will be greater local food security. We currently live on a small island with millions of people and 90% of our fruit & veg is imported.

  9. The project will encourage healthier and more active people and communities. Local people with affordable locally grown organic produce.

  10. We will eventually provide local jobs involved with teaching, gardening, and in harvesting, processing and selling dried/fresh fruit & nuts.

  11. This is a project that will benefit everyone and many more to come.



We are currently looking at setting up the above businesses to help progress the main forest project. If you would like to get involved or invest please get in contact.


5 Argyle Street,
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United Kingdom.


Tel: 07368 349 846 


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